Clinical Research

It is essential that CULT51 products work as effectively as we promise and that we can substantiate the claims we make. CULT51 Night Cream and Immediate Effect Serum underwent full independent clinical testing to prove this as outlined below.

Study Procedure

Full independent clinical testing was carried out by Princeton Clinical Research across a six week peri-od. All participants were selected by the test centre and were assessed at regular intervals throughout the trial; baseline, fifteen minutes (where claimed), one hour, twelve hours, four weeks and six weeks.

The results were measured using medical instruments and through expert visual assessment.

All subjects were advised to discontinue use of any topical lightening products or exfoliating products containing hydroquinone, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxyl acids, salicylic acid, retinol, peptides and vita-mins C (including derivatives) at least seven days prior to the study start date and to wash the study site areas using only a simple soap product provided by the test centre.

Blind Testing of Products

The test products were labelled by the sponsor in a blinded fashion using labels that provided usage instructions. We sent all test products directly to the clinical facility prior to the start of the study in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices.  

About the Participants

To provide a fair and consistent outcome, the following participants were excluded from the test: 

  • Pregnancy or lactation.
  • Inadequate or non-existent contraception (women of child bearing potential only).
  • A current skin disease of any type apart from mild facial acne (e.g. eczema, psoriasis).
  • Heavy alcohol consumption (i.e. more than 14 units per week or 4 units a day).
  • Current use or history of repeated use of street drugs.
  • A febrile illness lasting more than 24 hours in the six days prior to study commencement.
  • Significant past medical history of hepatic, renal, cardiac, pulmonary, digestive, haematological, neurological, locomotor or psychiatric disease.
  • History of asthma only if requiring regular medication or hay fever that required prescription treatment in two or more of the previous three years.
  • A history of multiple drug hypersensitivity.
  • Concurrent medication likely to affect the response to the test articles or confuse the results of the study.
  • Known sensitivity to the test articles or their constituents including packaging materials.
  • Current treatment by a physician for allergy unless physician consulted by Investigator and participation approved.
  • Participation in a skin lightening or anti-ageing study in the month prior to study state date.
  • Recent immunisation (less than 10 days prior to test commencement).
  • A medical history indicating atopy.
  • No microdermabrasion treatment or superficial/light chemical peel on any study site within 30days prior to the study period
  • No currently ongoing non-ablative laser, light or radio frequency treatment and/or a medium/deep skin peel, ablative laser treatment on a study site prior to 3 months of the study start date.
  • Known sensitivity to or current usage of Hydroquinone or any form of bleaching agents including retinol, HQ, kojic acid, azaleic acid, tretinoin, and glycolic acid.

The Trialists

About The Tests

Objective instrumental assessments were carried out using four key mechanisms:

  • Cutometer (lift and firmess)
  • Chromameter (brighteness)
  • Corneometer (hydration)
  • Profilometery (wrinkle measurement)
We are delighted to share that CULT51 delivered significant improvements across all areas.