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  • Add a splash of colour to that Little Black Dress

    ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’, isn’t that what were told to do? Not if you read our last blog! As a result, you’ve been so good in the run-up to Christmas, now it’s time to let your hair down.

    Despite your best intentions we know it’s the season to indulge.  So go all out, party into the night and drink that mulled wine like there’s no such thing as a hangover. But make sure that along with caring for your headache; you care for your skin too.   Drink plenty of water and replenish with our Day Cream.

    Of course, you’ll be using Cult51 Immediate Effects Serum as a primer like our favorite MUA’s use on their celebrity clients, that’s a given right? You know it’s important to start with a good base. So whether it’s for that black tie event you’ve been looking forward to for months, work’s Christmas party, family gathering or a night out with the girls;  don’t forget to prime! 

    After all, good skin care and good make up go hand in hand.

    Now you’re primed and ready let’s talk about the key beauty trend and the most notable looks this season.

    Vogue described the AW17 key beauty look from the runway as ‘groomed minimalism,’ suggesting a more structured natural look rather than previous, wild and raw natural looks we’ve seen in previous years.  Victoria Beckham’s dewy skin had us, and everyone captivated.  Read up on our barely-there blog to find out more.

    Blood red lips with this dewy foundation are always a winning combination and what can be more festive than red? There are so many bold lip colours available on the market these days it will be difficult to choose only one! However, we love this collection by Chanel.

    If you’re in any doubt just rely on the fact that there is a shade of red for every woman.... or so said Audrey Hepburn and that’s good enough for us.

    If you opt for more than a simplistic flick of eyeliner, then a subtle use of metallic elements let your eyes shine too and Dior believed it highlighted each models ‘natural glow’.

    We also loved Dolce and Gabbana went for a ‘Royal Renaissance’ theme, it’s like they knew the royal announcement from Harry and Meghan Markle was on the cards! By combining illuminating foundation, soft contouring, a minimal flick of eyeliner together with intense, bold reds, rich burgundies and vibrant pinks on the lips.

    Be brave with your makeup this season and find more beauty inspo over on our new Pinterest Board.

  • Get a Healthy Start this Christmas

    The festive season is nearly upon us and let’s be honest that means one thing for us all; indulgence. Whether it’s the endless flow of drinks, leftover turkey sandwiches or the cheese board, there’s temptation all over, which can mean bad news for your complexion. It’s important to take some simple steps in the build-up to the big day so your body isn’t left feeling rundown. Here are 4 top tips to a healthy start this Christmas…


    Cut down on alcohol
    Christmas is the time for mulled wine and the increased alcohol uptake will lead to a dehydrated body inside and out. Dehydration damage to the skin can be caused by alcohol as it takes all the fluid from the skin. This, in turn, causes signs of ageing such as wrinkles. We recommend cutting down on your alcohol intake in the run-up to Christmas so you can enjoy a glass or two on the big day. If your skin is feeling a little dry and tight apply some Immediate Effect Serum for an added boost.

    Up water intake
    We know we say it all the time but water really is that important! Forgetting to drink the H2O is something most of us do. Upping your water intake over the festive season will help with dehydration from alcohol, assist your digestion, increase your energy levels and help clear your skin.


    Skincare routine
    Overindulgence and lack of sleep can take its toll on your skin and if you want to keep your winter glow it’s important to keep on top of your routine. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid disrupting your skin’s protective barrier and then opt for a rich moisturiser, like CULT51 Day Cream, to hydrate and indulge your skin. This will help avoid dehydrated skin and help keep on top of the potentially increased sebum production. End each night with CULT51 Night Cream to wake up glowing.

    Stay active
    As the dark days set in, we know that it’s more than tempting to nest on the sofa all day but it’s so important to keep active and moving. Keep reaching a simple step goal daily with winter walks or even keeping up with the cleaning. Anything that keeps you up and moving for at least 30 minutes a day will increase your blood flow and in turn help your blood carry waste products, such as free radicals, from your cells which will minimise age-related skin changes such as loss of elasticity.

    Overall Christmas is a time to indulge but a good tip is to stick to the 80:20 rule where 20% of your time you can eat that naughty treat. Following that, and our other four tips, will guarantee you keep your glow right through the festive season!

  • 3 Ways Your Skin is Telling You It Needs Attention

    The weather is cooler, the central heating is on, and we’re bringing out the knitted jumpers. The changing conditions can really make your skin freak out, meaning you need to switch up your routine… But what are the signs to look out for?


    We do harp on about this skin test but it is a really simple guide you should try regularly. Some beauty store assistants may be looking at your cheeks for this but we tend to do the pinch test on the back of your hand so that you can easily do it for yourself. Try this:

    • Pinch a little bit of the skin using your thumb and forefinger and hold it for five seconds.
    • When you let go, count how long it takes for the piece of skin to resume to its original flat position. Good elasticity is demonstrated by your skin returning to its original position quickly.

    As a rule of thumb 1-2 seconds: under 30 years, 3-4 seconds: 30-44 years, 5-9 seconds: 45-60 years and longer than ten seconds: 60 + years

    We all have different areas prone to dryness. Typically, these will be your forehead or cheeks, as they are a little more exposed to the elements. If you spend more time outside you may notice more patches, so just make sure you give these places a little more attention.

    C51 blog1

    They may feel tight, a little sore on the outer edges or maybe terribly cracked. We sometimes forget to care for our lips. If they’re taking the hit, just like your facial skincare routine, exfoliate and moisturize to get your lips back on track.

    If you fancy achieving that healthy nude lip effect, then we can recommend our sister brand’s Instant Lip Plumper which will help define your lip lines, enhance the colour and add volume - all without the stinging and discomfort associated with other brands. And if you head to our Facebook page, you can grab an exclusive code to get 10% off your purchase!

    Now you know what to look for, how can you keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the autumn & winter months?

    C51 blog3Don’t fret! You can improve your skin’s elasticity with a good skincare routine and CULT51 has been clinically proven to improve your skin’s elasticity, amongst all the 51 benefits they boast! Cleanse, tone and moisturise day and night. For an added boost, think of Immediate Effect Serum as an intensive, lightweight moisturiser. It’s a great way of hydrating your skin without the feeling of a thick heavy cream. It’s not just for under your eyes, you can use it in the same way as your moisturiser.

    Exfoliate. If you’re suffering from dry and flaky skin this step must not be overlooked. It’s the key to a brighter, smoother complexion. Just avoid using a harsh, hard exfoliator, and look for something more gentle. A good tip is to mix your regular exfoliator with an oil or balm cleanser to give a gentle exfoliation - but only exfoliate once a week.

    C51 blogKeep hydrated from the inside out. We can’t stress how important drinking water is for a brighter and smoother complexion. Drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day will lead you to regenerated skin. It’ll promote collagen production - which in turn increases elasticity-, makes your skin appear less dull, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and your pores will appear minimised.

    Eat healthily to improve your skin’s health and metabolism. The weather might want us to comfort eat, but you can still make healthy choices and pack your diet with fish, seeds, nuts and vegetables.  Check out our blog on Superfoods for Super Skin.

    Want some more inspiration to regain your glow this season? Have a read of dietician and well-being consultant, Laura Tilt's blog when she guest blogged for us here.

  • Secrets to barely-there beauty

    Achieving that au-natural, barely-there makeup look is more work than it looks because we know you still want to look really good. We’ve seen loads of celebrities in the past year wearing little to no makeup but still looking flawless, and the secret lies in the prep. Read on if you want the secrets to master the fresh faced glow.

    Model pic

    It’s important to cleanse your skin every morning and night with a flannel or muslin cloth to gently wash your skin and leave a fresh feeling base for the next steps. Avoid using any harsh products here as they can bring out redness in the skin.

    Then it’s onto the moisturiser. Use our Day Cream to leave your skin with a nude finish, perfect for the no-makeup, makeup look, and to leave your skin hydrated all day without being greasy. Remember to also moisturise your neck and décolletage – don’t give the game away here!

     One of the key steps to looking awake all day is using the Immediate Effect Serum under your eyes and on any trouble areas. Your bags will be lifted and any deep wrinkles will be smoothed. This acts as the perfect primer to your makeup.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.18.40

     It’s important to keep the base light here. We recommend skipping foundation completely but if you really can’t go without, add a light covering of tinted moisturiser to even your complexion. A dab of brightening concealer under your eyes using your fingers, and lightly swipe over any blemishes to leave a light, but flawlessly finished base. Add a swipe of powder to finish if you get shiny throughout the day.

     We understand how bare you can feel without your beloved mascara but it’s all about balance. A heavy coating of mascara with no foundation or added colour to your skin will look out of place. For dark lashes curling them can be enough, and for the fairer haired a light coating of brown mascara will add that subtle bit of colour.

    Brush through your brows with a tinted gel, add a dash of tinted lip balm and voila! A makeup routine for glowing skin even if you’re not feeling so fresh.


    Sun is one of the most damaging elements to skin and that means when you’re jetting off to somewhere sunnier it is vital to keep good care of your skin so it continues to look its best. We have you covered.

    We all know that feeling of stepping off the plane into scorching heat, let’s be honest, there’s no better feeling really! But this probably means prior to this, you’ve spent a good few hours sat on a plane – one of your skins worst enemies.


    The low humidity of the plane really dehydrates your skin – this also applies to air conditioned places like your hotel room or restaurant. Most moisturisers just create a smooth barrier and only moisturise the outer layer so if you want your skin feeling refreshed and replenished all the way through your flight you need to use CULT51 Day Cream, so the cream can really dig deep into the layers of your skin. The product works to keep your skin moist as it contains a humectant – in non-scientific terms and means a molecule that retains moisture!   In fact our cream has been clinically tested and shows that after 12 hours from application, the average hydration increase is 117% and the cream continues to build on this.

    These rules also apply when you’re spending the day in the sun. The sun can really dry out your skin if you don’t protect it properly, especially if you’re jumping in and out of air conditioned areas. This is due to something called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). It’s basically dangerous oxygen molecules that are generated through UV rays which attack stable skin cells and diminish collagen, elastin and lessen the effectiveness of your skin’s rejuvenation – the reasons why sunbathing causes wrinkles!  This also reduces the pool of antioxidants our skin relies on to fight this.

    model applying creamRegular use of CULT51 products can help here, as they work with your skin's own metabolism to help enhance, protect and replenish the skin's layers and reserves.  Our Day Cream works to quench these and reduce excessive ROS in 30 minutes and of course, dramatically reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

    We recommend using the CULT51 Day Cream every day and then applying an extra layer of your favourite sun cream on top for added SPF protection.

    After a tough day of sunbathing, use your Day Cream again after your shower.   It will leave a nude effect, perfect as a base to your makeup before heading out to enjoy your evening.   Then, end your day with CULT51 Night Cream and your skin will keep looking luminous and better than when you left!

  • Could a Silk Pillowcase Maximise Your Beauty Sleep?

    Beauty sleepWith fans including Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and Kate Best (aka J-Lo’s make-up artist), silk pillowcases are the industry’s worst kept beauty secret. Devotees promise this simple change to your sleeping habits will fight sleep lines and even prolong your blow dry.

    But do they work? Here's what we found....

    It all starts with choosing the right pillowcase. Yours should be 100% silk, ideally a long strand mulberry silk with a traditional charmeuse weave, as that’s the smoothest. Prices start at as little at £20, but invest in the best you can afford.

    Then be realistic. The finest pillowcase in the land isn’t going to help if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Lack of shut-eye can make you look tired, pale and older than your years, as well as leading to stress, a big no no for your complexion.

    For true beauty sleep, turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm, with no smartphone phones or TV once you hit the hay. If you struggle to wind down? Try a warm bath (not too hot or your skin won’t thank you) with one of our gorgeous scented candles .

    Hot Bath

    At night, your skin is in repair mode so it’s the perfect time to give it a helping hand? Remove your make-up and the effects of a busy day with a gentle cleanser and then apply your Night Cream before touching down on your soft silk pillow.

    For the best results try to elevate your pillow to allow fluid to drain from the face, reducing puffiness under your eyes and ideally you should be sleeping on your back to avoid creasing the skin.

    The claim is that as silk doesn’t absorb in the same way as cotton does, a silk pillowcase  won’t dry out your skin the way a cotton pillowcase does. Silk is also said to pick up less pore clogging bacteria than cotton.

    Expect your new pillowcase to feel refreshingly cool against the skin – perfect on a muggy summer night! The jury is out on whether it will truly fight long term wrinkles, but it will help to prevent sleep creases - and you can rest assured that you’re lovely moisturiser will be able to works its magic on your face rather than being sucked into your pillow case.

  • The CULT51 Guide to Packing Light for a Perfect Holiday

    Holiday PackingJetting off to sunnier climes? Pack like a pro with our guide to your fashion and beauty essentials...

    Less is More

    Rather than tossing every summer separate you own into your case, think about how what pieces actually work together and how many complete outfits you’ll need.

    The Guardian’s Fashion Editor, Jess Cartner-Morley recommends a 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period after packing so you can remove that ill-judged sale purchase you’ve never actually worn from your case!

    Maxi dresses are perfect for taking you from day through to night. French Connection have some gorgeous options in their sale right now  or if you want to blow the budget check out these Matches lovelies.

    Maxi dress

    Accessories can steal a lot of space in your luggage and, in the case of shoes, add weight too. Be strict.  A single pair of flip-flops or sliders for your daily lazing by the pool, some trainers or loafers if you like to cram in some sight-seeing and some sassier sandals should see you through your break.

    Throw in an old pillowcase to bring your laundry home in too (and a few empty ziplock bags for wet swimwear or leaking cosmetics) and you'll be giving yourself a big pat on the back when you get home.

    Summer 2017 is all about the statement earring, so leave your valuable jewellery a home. Pop in a pair of eye-catching shoulder grazers like these  and you’ll be bang on trend every night.

    statement earrings Sphere Drop Earring by J.W.Anderson (

    Holiday Beauty
    Sun, sea and sangria might be a winning combination for a relaxing break, but not so much for your hair and skin...

    Sun exposure, salt water, and sweat all pull moisture from your hair.  Woven straw sunhats never go out of style and can go some way towards protecting your locks. Try a water resistant sun protection spray  like the fabulous Kerastase Micro Voile Protecteurl

    It goes without saying that you’ll be slathering on a high SPF (no lower than factor 30) suncream every day. At night, help sun parched skin to recover with CULT51 Night Cream.   Not only will you benefit from the 51 anti-aging properties, but it’s also  ‘humidity adaptive’ - so it’ll work even harder to maintain moisture levels in synthetic environments. Perfect for that air conditioned hotel room!

    Moisturiser swirl

    Make up-wise, a holiday is a chance to let your skin breathe. Travel light. Base-wise, all you need is a lovely dewy moisturiser, concealer and highlighter.

    A tinted brow gel will tame sun bleached eyebrows and a waterproof mascara should prevent you emerging from the pool with panda eyes!

    In terms of nails go for tangerine orange or bright blue if you prefer one colour, but if you’re feeling bold, 2017 has seen a huge trend for more individual nails, in rainbow stripes, geometric designs or with metallic tips...

    Complement your tan with a bold red lip and you’re good to go!

    Red lips

    Still Struggling?

     Try rolling your clothes, not folding them. Trust us, it’s a magical space creator (and should also save on creasing).

    Or watch how this woman fits a whopping 200 items in her suitcase!

    Doesn’t help with the weight limit though. Bet she still gets the ‘heavy’ sticker of shame on her case!



  • Summer Holiday Skincare Essentials

    holiday essentialsHeading off on holiday this summer? We'll bet you're investing plenty of time ensuring you look your very best for the beach, but have you put any thought into how to make sure your complexion looks just as good come September?

    We asked Cosmetic Doctor Natalie Blakely for her summer vacation skincare tips so that you can be confident that your 'healthy glow' is actually as healthy as it looks. 

    Time For Take Off

    Cabin air can dry out your skin, so it needs a hydration hit before you board. Opt for a deeply hydrating day cream that will increase moisturisation levels and help to maintain the moisture levels in the skin. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water while on board too.

    In Flight

    To ensure that you are looking fresh-faced the moment you touch down, apply some Immediate Effect Serum 15 minutes before you landing. The serum quickly brightens dark circles while minimising fine lines - just perfect for hiding the signs of a long flight or an early start!

    On Holiday

    With limited suitcase space, you have to choose your skincare products wisely when heading on your holiday. That’s why I recommend the multi-tasking CULT51 Day Cream. Not only does it prime and perfect your skin, it also protects it against future damage. Combining SPF with anti-oxidants, this moisturiser helps minimise free radical damage caused by UV rays.

    As many of the signs of ageing are the result of UV exposure, it is vital that you stay safe in the sun. So don’t forget to invest in a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and, of course, plenty of sunscreen. Your skin will thank you for this caution in the future!

    Back On Home Soil

    Now is the time to start thinking about those skin quality treatments which can quickly and effectively boost collagen production and reverse the signs of ageing for healthier, stronger skin.

    Tixel is a phenomenally powerful and highly effective way to do this. Using pure heat energy, Tixel is a highly-customisable treatment which we can use to tackle pigmentation, photo damage and wrinkles.

    Natalie BlakeleyLed by renowned Cosmetic Doctor Natalie Blakely, the Light Touch Clinic is a multi-award winning clinic based in Weybridge, Surrey, which specialises in anti-ageing medicine, body contouring and wellness.

  • Do Men Need Specialist Skincare?


    Men have thicker skin than women. It’s not a sweeping generalisation about guys' ability to take criticism. It’s a fact.

    Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s and as a rule it is also more oily, but does that mean it needs different skincare? No it doesn’t.

    “Men’s skincare is often created from women’s skin care with added astringents,” explains CULT51 founder Richard Mears.

    “Add a more masculine scent, more manly packaging and a carefully targeted marketing campaign and you have a male grooming product.”

    So can a unisex moisturiser cater for men’s skin too? Of course it can - if it gives it the antioxidants and the hydration that the skin needs.

    If the skin is oily, it’s due to producing too much sebum. So applying a product that is going to dry it out (which is what astringents do) is counter-productive because it will upset the balance and the skin will naturally produce more sebum to compensate.

    By focusing on the intra cellular layer (the stratum germinativum if you want to get technical!), a high-quality multi-tasking moisturiser is going to sort the cause. Your skin’s in-built management takes over and you have a longer term solution – whether you are male or female.

    What Does Men’s Skin REALLY Need?

    You can read more about a man’s skincare needs here but it all comes down to four pretty basic - and universal - needs:


    Healthy skin needs plenty of hydration both outside and in.


    A Healthy Diet

    Nuts and seeds, particularly walnuts, are perfect skin foods or discover the other super foods for super skin here.

    Plate with vegetables

    A Cleanser (no, that doesn’t mean soap!)

    : You wash your clothes to remove the dirt and pollution that gets built up during the day and the same goes for your skin.

    cotton pads for cleansing skin

    A Multi-Tasking Moisturiser:

    Choose one with high quality ingredients that is going to have a long term lasting effect (prevention is better than cure); protect against photo ageing; dramatically hydrate and energise the skin.

    Cult51 Day Cream with SPF


  • Five Times You NEED Immediate Effect Serum in your Life

    Immediate Effect SerumYou’ve probably heard that Immediate Effect Serum was created for an A-List Celebrity who needed to look red carpet ready in just 15 minutes. But as a mere mortal – who doesn’t hit the red carpet too many times in an average week - you may be wondering why you need it in your life. These are 5 times when you’ll be saying a hearty Hoorah! that you discovered Immediate Effect Serum.

    1) When You’re Headed To The Gym

    rehydration for skin

    Time was, you could pull on some ratty old leggings and a faded tee and you’d be good to go for your workout. But thanks to the rise of gym selfies and even gym dating you’re now expected to look your best on the treadmill. Trouble is, wearing make-up to work-out seriously clogs up your pores and can also trap sweat against the skin, worsening any dry areas. Instead, cleanse your skin before your workout and apply Instant Effects Serum 15 minutes before you hit the gym to mask those fine lines and keen your skin hydrated and protected while you feel the burn. Add a tinted lip balm and a slick of Instant Effects brow gel and you’ll have the natural workout look nailed.

    2) Before You Step Off The Plane

    It’s no surprise that dry cabin air and travel stress can wreak havoc on your skin. But even just being at high altitude can result in a dull complexion, due to reduced blood-flow to the skin. Fight back by applying CULT51 Night Cream before you take off, drinking LOTS of water on the plane, stretching your legs when you can and applying Immediate Effects around an hour before you touch down. While you search for your hand luggage the super charged serum will be working hard for you, smoothing creases, diminishing wrinkle depth, firming, brightening, lifting and fortifying your skin. Happy holidays!

    3) The Morning After...

    hitting the alarm clock

    Alcohol drains the skin of moisture and vital nutrients, leaving it taut and lacking brightness. While drinking in moderation and taking on board lots of water throughout the evening is clearly the ideal solution, if that ship has sailed, there are things you can do to ensure your hangover isn’t written all over your face. Light exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and increase circulation, jump starting your complexion. Then apply Immediate Effects Serum for an instant lift. Not only will it disguise those tired eyes, fighting wrinkles in the delicate eye area, but you’ll have 5 anti-inflammatory agents in your corner, a cocktail of powerful antioxidants to ward against the ravages of photo-ageing and free radical attack and an innovative new ingredient which is 99% pure collagen. Bet you’re feeling better already!

    4) When You’re a New Mum

    Fluctuating hormones, sleepless nights and a serious lack of time for any kind of beauty regime can leave you feeling less than radiant in those first few months. Immediate Effects Serum has a dramatic effect on dark circles, bags and deep set lines. You’ll notice a brighter skin tone and an improvement in texture in just 15 minutes, however, full effects can take up to an hour as it stimulates elastin production and reduces sagging. Best of all, it has a cumulative effect, so the anti-aging benefits build up with time. Apply as a pick me up before meeting up with your new mum friends at baby yoga or keep it in your changing bag for an emergency pick me up on the go.

    5) When You Need to Look At Your Very Best

    flawless skin lipsHot date? Big night out? Lessen the visibility of deep set lines, dark circles, bags and wrinkles while lifting, firming and enhancing elasticity. Use as a primer before you apply your make-up and you’ll find that this  lightweight treatment is readily absorbed, closes pores and lines and creates a perfect canvas so you’ll need less make-up and what you do wear will last for longer. You’re welcome!

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