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  • Testers reveal the real results you need to know

    You know us well; we pride ourselves on our products really delivering results for younger, more vibrant skin. So, once we’ve created a fabulous new product, we invest in clinical testing to give us some truly independent results on the benefits.   The figures for our new Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream are incredible:

    • After just an hour 87% of testers strongly agreed the cream had instantly visible results; after 4 weeks of regular use, this rose to 93% and then a 100% at the end of the 6-week trial.
    • Noticeably softer skin had 100% of testers after one hour, as well as at 4 weeks and 6 weeks.
    • Brighter, more radiant looking skin gained 30% agreeing and 70% strongly agreed. By the sixth week, this was 17% and 83% respectively.
    • On noticing a reduction in the appearance of age spots, this scored 7% in agreement and 93% strongly agreed at the end of the trial.
    • A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles scored 93% at week 4, and 97% by the 6th week.
    •  The product made my skin look more youthful had a straight 100%.

    In fact, throughout the testing, not one tester gave a single negative rating.   Does this sound too good to be true?  As we say, seeing is believing right?   So we embarked on a product trial with 51 lucky users selected as VIPs who had a chance to get the new cream before anyone else.   We simply asked for a photo at the beginning and end of a two-week trial and their thoughts on the cream. The results are back. Want to see?


    Before reader tester Product-Trial-A---2Tester product review



    Product-Trial-B---1 Product-Trial-B---2Tester product review



    Product-Trial-C---1 Product-Trial-C---2Tester product review



    The Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream is flying off the shelves here and is also landing with our stockists all over the world so you can get to see it and try the testers.

    If you’ve never considered caring for your Neck and Décolleté as part of your normal skincare regime here’s why to reign back the years, if only to help with tech neck!   And with this lovely hot summer we’ve had, it looks like we are benefiting from an Indian summer too, so you will want to keep showing off your skin – healthy, vibrant, wrinkle-free and with fewer age spots – leaving your neck and décolleté to shine.

    Shop here: shop-cult51/neck-and-decollete 

  • How to change your skincare regime to really reign back the years

    We’ve got our beauty regimes sorted for our face, and pretty much for our bodies, but is there anywhere you regularly omit from your daily or weekly routines?  One area often overlooked is our neck and décolleté, the lower neck area down towards your chest.

    We’ve all heard the not-so-lovely term “Turkey Neck”, where your skin’s elasticity reduces, wrinkles appear and your neck shows your age.

    Photo by rawpixel on UnsplashThis is not just something that affects the fifty-somethings. ‘Tech Neck” is the new term which refers to the way our love of tech affects our posture. We all look down at our screens, and this adds lines to our neck. Correcting your posture will help here, but adding your neck into your skin care routine will help reverse the signs of ageing.

    Cult51 Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream


    No need to hide your neck with a scarf or resort to any tribal neck lengthening collar, just prevent the signs of ageing with our new Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream.

    As skin care experts, with a multi-award winning anti-ageing range, we know that you need to focus on hydrating and tightening the skin in this delicate area. From our full clinical testing, we have some bold statistics that will convince you to take up caring for this forgotten area of your skin.


    Firmer Skin Cult513-Weeks-2-1



    It’s not all about the aesthetics but also about how it feels. Softer, moisturised and firmer skin; you will find yourself showing it off a little more.  Wear your diamonds, pearls or your favourite statement necklace; with more fearlessness.

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  • 4 beauty essentials for every bride-to-be

    So, the date is set and you are making strides into your wedding planning, looking at venues, booking photographers and, let’s not forget, finding that dress! It’s never too early to get your skincare regime sorted, to make sure you look your very best and will be radiant right through to your honeymoon. Here are four steps to achieving the glow that you crave.

    Bridal Skincare Regime Photo by nic on Unsplash

    Scrutinise your skin
    Take some time to get to know your skin from top to toe and define the problem areas you want to sort. Maybe you suffer from dry or rough skin on your arms. Now is the time to start a weekly regime of dry brushing to help here.

    You may need to consider a couple of areas, as you might be showing more skin than normal, such as your décolletage, shoulders and back.   Not only will you want to add these into your regular body exfoliating & moisturising routine, but if you want to consider fake tan, don’t forget these areas to avoid straplines that might be on show.

    If you have any facial skin pigmentation issues; this recent article will set you on the road to recovery and repair your skin and confidence.

    Assess your skincare regime and invest in quality products that will truly deliver results. Keep to a good routine with your skin, especially on your face, as this will aid your makeup application and flawless appearance.

    Bridal Beauty on your big day Photo by Ali Marel on Unsplash

    Form healthy habits
    We all know ‘we are what we eat’, but forming strong, good habits for our food and exercise now will help even with the stress. See more healthy foods for good skin in our Pinterest Board and don’t forget to keep hydrated with water and plenty of Green Tea, which is well known for increasing your metabolism. This not only helps you lose a few pounds, but will aid your skin’s metabolism to create new, fresher skin cells.

    You may well also want to consider Vitamins for good hair, skin and nails if, for example, you opt for a vegan diet.

    Get your beauty sleep – it’s not just a well-used phrase, but your body needs downtime to repair itself and a solid 8 hours good sleep will do this. Religiously apply your Night Cream before getting your shut-eye, to help your face, neck and dec skin really benefit from this downtime.

    Plan the final countdown
    Four months before your big day, have a makeup trial to ensure that if you do have a reaction, your skin has plenty of time to recover properly.   The same might be true for skin patch tests for any new products you might be trying, such as fake tan. You may only want them close to your date, but an early test would bring peace of mind.

    You might be in a regular routine for exfoliating or dry brushing and then nourishing the skin, but double check your key areas of concern and re-evaluate if you need any additional professional help to eradicate these problem areas.

    Invest in Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper and Instant Lash Volumiserto nourish and boost your lips and lashes ahead of your big day.

    Blushing Bride Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

    Your Big Day essentials
    With our tips above, your skin should be flawless. A few sleepless nights on the run up to the big day, however, may mean you need a little extra helping hand to refresh your skin, banish those dark circles and form the perfect base for your makeup artist. Our Immediate Effects Serum will get to work in 15 minutes and will hold your foundation all day long.

    Head to our Bridal Beauty Pinterest Board for the latest beauty trends you need to know, or read our previous blog on getting the dewy no-makeup, makeup look.


    Don’t forget to share your beauty haul secrets with your bridesmaids, mum and for those added brownie points, your mother-in-law too. You will all look glowing for your photos and all one happy family of cult addicts.


  • So how exactly does our Night Cream help to eliminate skin pigmentation issues?

    You’ve all read the recent Daily Mail article (and in a few more papers) showing the amazing transformation of Harriet Metzger - who struggled with sun damage to her face - and now you are wondering how, exactly, can this cream help?

    Let us first clarify the effect the sun has on our skin. Simply put, the UV rays attack our skin cells, reducing collagen, elasticity and creating oxygen – a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). With increased exposure to the sun, the oxygen levels increase to dangerous levels, damaging the cells. Visually our skin pigmentation then alters, darkening to show the damaged cells, leaving behind what we know as ‘age spots.’

    As the article explains, Harriet had tried many creams and some pretty evasive treatments in an attempt to diminish the pigmentation, all with no success. So, what is it about Cult51 that gave her the results she craved in just a staggering 6 weeks?

    Cult51 products work with your skin’s own metabolism to help enhance, protect and replenish the skin's layers and reserves.  Our Night Cream works to quench these, and reduce excessive ROS whilst you get your beauty sleep. With regular use, new cell production will increase, and begin to invigorate, revitalize and even the skin tone so that people like Harriet, can fall in love with their skin and looks again.

    Her images speak for themselves...

    Night Cream works wonders

    With 51 clinically proven benefits there are plenty of other great reasons to try the Night Cream including reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Cheat your skincare NY Resolution


    So you’ve made it your New Year’s resolution to improve your skincare regime. Maybe you have your Big Day on the horizon, you are desperate to banish those dark circles or just combat your tired dry skin. Whatever your reason, stepping into the beauty department is an absolute minefield. There are so many products to choose from – all with a different function – that you come out with your hands full, and the need for a time machine to be able to follow the new regime. Let’s be honest, you did that last year and you still have the half used products to show it didn’t work. Let us simplify it. We all need some honest advice and would rather spend more time doing something fun.


    Just one pot … Cult51 Night Cream and here’s why:

    1. We were founded on the challenge to make a multi-purpose product without compromising the skincare results. The Night Cream was born
    2. Whatever your skin worries you can be sure that, as the name suggests, we have 51 benefits that we are clinically proven to help with. This is across different skin types, men, women and age groups – find out all about our clinical trials and why this sets us apart from other brands here
    3. Just this one pot can work as your face cream, neck cream, décolletage cream, eye cream and lip care

    8910If you are looking to try before you buy, and we completely understand this, then head to one of our stockists and try a little sample. The absolute best way to do this is to try the

    The absolute best way to do this is to try the Skin Pinch Test,  which looks at your skin’s elasticity.   Pinch the back of your hand to see how long it takes your skin to return to its original place. Then try the cream (enjoy the smell and texture too) and wait just 5 minutes before repeating the test. You should see your skin return quicker, showing improved hydration and elasticity.

    Start using Cult51 and you will notice a difference in your skin (and more time to spare) in just a few days, but dedicated use will improve your skin’s firmness, glow and age, so that you will be able to keep this resolution all year long.

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  • Add a splash of colour to that Little Black Dress

    ‘Eat, Drink and Be Merry’, isn’t that what were told to do? Not if you read our last blog! As a result, you’ve been so good in the run-up to Christmas, now it’s time to let your hair down.

    Despite your best intentions we know it’s the season to indulge.  So go all out, party into the night and drink that mulled wine like there’s no such thing as a hangover. But make sure that along with caring for your headache; you care for your skin too.   Drink plenty of water and replenish with our Day Cream.

    Of course, you’ll be using Cult51 Immediate Effects Serum as a primer like our favorite MUA’s use on their celebrity clients, that’s a given right? You know it’s important to start with a good base. So whether it’s for that black tie event you’ve been looking forward to for months, work’s Christmas party, family gathering or a night out with the girls;  don’t forget to prime! 

    After all, good skin care and good make up go hand in hand.

    Now you’re primed and ready let’s talk about the key beauty trend and the most notable looks this season.

    Vogue described the AW17 key beauty look from the runway as ‘groomed minimalism,’ suggesting a more structured natural look rather than previous, wild and raw natural looks we’ve seen in previous years.  Victoria Beckham’s dewy skin had us, and everyone captivated.  Read up on our barely-there blog to find out more.

    Blood red lips with this dewy foundation are always a winning combination and what can be more festive than red? There are so many bold lip colours available on the market these days it will be difficult to choose only one! However, we love this collection by Chanel.

    If you’re in any doubt just rely on the fact that there is a shade of red for every woman.... or so said Audrey Hepburn and that’s good enough for us.

    If you opt for more than a simplistic flick of eyeliner, then a subtle use of metallic elements let your eyes shine too and Dior believed it highlighted each models ‘natural glow’.

    We also loved Dolce and Gabbana went for a ‘Royal Renaissance’ theme, it’s like they knew the royal announcement from Harry and Meghan Markle was on the cards! By combining illuminating foundation, soft contouring, a minimal flick of eyeliner together with intense, bold reds, rich burgundies and vibrant pinks on the lips.

    Be brave with your makeup this season and find more beauty inspo over on our new Pinterest Board.

  • Get a Healthy Start this Christmas

    The festive season is nearly upon us and let’s be honest that means one thing for us all; indulgence. Whether it’s the endless flow of drinks, leftover turkey sandwiches or the cheese board, there’s temptation all over, which can mean bad news for your complexion. It’s important to take some simple steps in the build-up to the big day so your body isn’t left feeling rundown. Here are 4 top tips to a healthy start this Christmas…


    Cut down on alcohol
    Christmas is the time for mulled wine and the increased alcohol uptake will lead to a dehydrated body inside and out. Dehydration damage to the skin can be caused by alcohol as it takes all the fluid from the skin. This, in turn, causes signs of ageing such as wrinkles. We recommend cutting down on your alcohol intake in the run-up to Christmas so you can enjoy a glass or two on the big day. If your skin is feeling a little dry and tight apply some Immediate Effect Serum for an added boost.

    Up water intake
    We know we say it all the time but water really is that important! Forgetting to drink the H2O is something most of us do. Upping your water intake over the festive season will help with dehydration from alcohol, assist your digestion, increase your energy levels and help clear your skin.


    Skincare routine
    Overindulgence and lack of sleep can take its toll on your skin and if you want to keep your winter glow it’s important to keep on top of your routine. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid disrupting your skin’s protective barrier and then opt for a rich moisturiser, like CULT51 Day Cream, to hydrate and indulge your skin. This will help avoid dehydrated skin and help keep on top of the potentially increased sebum production. End each night with CULT51 Night Cream to wake up glowing.

    Stay active
    As the dark days set in, we know that it’s more than tempting to nest on the sofa all day but it’s so important to keep active and moving. Keep reaching a simple step goal daily with winter walks or even keeping up with the cleaning. Anything that keeps you up and moving for at least 30 minutes a day will increase your blood flow and in turn help your blood carry waste products, such as free radicals, from your cells which will minimise age-related skin changes such as loss of elasticity.

    Overall Christmas is a time to indulge but a good tip is to stick to the 80:20 rule where 20% of your time you can eat that naughty treat. Following that, and our other four tips, will guarantee you keep your glow right through the festive season!

  • 3 Ways Your Skin is Telling You It Needs Attention

    The weather is cooler, the central heating is on, and we’re bringing out the knitted jumpers. The changing conditions can really make your skin freak out, meaning you need to switch up your routine… But what are the signs to look out for?


    We do harp on about this skin test but it is a really simple guide you should try regularly. Some beauty store assistants may be looking at your cheeks for this but we tend to do the pinch test on the back of your hand so that you can easily do it for yourself. Try this:

    • Pinch a little bit of the skin using your thumb and forefinger and hold it for five seconds.
    • When you let go, count how long it takes for the piece of skin to resume to its original flat position. Good elasticity is demonstrated by your skin returning to its original position quickly.

    As a rule of thumb 1-2 seconds: under 30 years, 3-4 seconds: 30-44 years, 5-9 seconds: 45-60 years and longer than ten seconds: 60 + years

    We all have different areas prone to dryness. Typically, these will be your forehead or cheeks, as they are a little more exposed to the elements. If you spend more time outside you may notice more patches, so just make sure you give these places a little more attention.

    C51 blog1

    They may feel tight, a little sore on the outer edges or maybe terribly cracked. We sometimes forget to care for our lips. If they’re taking the hit, just like your facial skincare routine, exfoliate and moisturize to get your lips back on track.

    If you fancy achieving that healthy nude lip effect, then we can recommend our sister brand’s Instant Lip Plumper which will help define your lip lines, enhance the colour and add volume - all without the stinging and discomfort associated with other brands. And if you head to our Facebook page, you can grab an exclusive code to get 10% off your purchase!

    Now you know what to look for, how can you keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the autumn & winter months?

    C51 blog3Don’t fret! You can improve your skin’s elasticity with a good skincare routine and CULT51 has been clinically proven to improve your skin’s elasticity, amongst all the 51 benefits they boast! Cleanse, tone and moisturise day and night. For an added boost, think of Immediate Effect Serum as an intensive, lightweight moisturiser. It’s a great way of hydrating your skin without the feeling of a thick heavy cream. It’s not just for under your eyes, you can use it in the same way as your moisturiser.

    Exfoliate. If you’re suffering from dry and flaky skin this step must not be overlooked. It’s the key to a brighter, smoother complexion. Just avoid using a harsh, hard exfoliator, and look for something more gentle. A good tip is to mix your regular exfoliator with an oil or balm cleanser to give a gentle exfoliation - but only exfoliate once a week.

    C51 blogKeep hydrated from the inside out. We can’t stress how important drinking water is for a brighter and smoother complexion. Drinking the recommended 2 litres of water a day will lead you to regenerated skin. It’ll promote collagen production - which in turn increases elasticity-, makes your skin appear less dull, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and your pores will appear minimised.

    Eat healthily to improve your skin’s health and metabolism. The weather might want us to comfort eat, but you can still make healthy choices and pack your diet with fish, seeds, nuts and vegetables.  Check out our blog on Superfoods for Super Skin.

    Want some more inspiration to regain your glow this season? Have a read of dietician and well-being consultant, Laura Tilt's blog when she guest blogged for us here.

  • Secrets to barely-there beauty

    Achieving that au-natural, barely-there makeup look is more work than it looks because we know you still want to look really good. We’ve seen loads of celebrities in the past year wearing little to no makeup but still looking flawless, and the secret lies in the prep. Read on if you want the secrets to master the fresh faced glow.

    Model pic

    It’s important to cleanse your skin every morning and night with a flannel or muslin cloth to gently wash your skin and leave a fresh feeling base for the next steps. Avoid using any harsh products here as they can bring out redness in the skin.

    Then it’s onto the moisturiser. Use our Day Cream to leave your skin with a nude finish, perfect for the no-makeup, makeup look, and to leave your skin hydrated all day without being greasy. Remember to also moisturise your neck and décolletage – don’t give the game away here!

     One of the key steps to looking awake all day is using the Immediate Effect Serum under your eyes and on any trouble areas. Your bags will be lifted and any deep wrinkles will be smoothed. This acts as the perfect primer to your makeup.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.18.40

     It’s important to keep the base light here. We recommend skipping foundation completely but if you really can’t go without, add a light covering of tinted moisturiser to even your complexion. A dab of brightening concealer under your eyes using your fingers, and lightly swipe over any blemishes to leave a light, but flawlessly finished base. Add a swipe of powder to finish if you get shiny throughout the day.

     We understand how bare you can feel without your beloved mascara but it’s all about balance. A heavy coating of mascara with no foundation or added colour to your skin will look out of place. For dark lashes curling them can be enough, and for the fairer haired a light coating of brown mascara will add that subtle bit of colour.

    Brush through your brows with a tinted gel, add a dash of tinted lip balm and voila! A makeup routine for glowing skin even if you’re not feeling so fresh.


    Sun is one of the most damaging elements to skin and that means when you’re jetting off to somewhere sunnier it is vital to keep good care of your skin so it continues to look its best. We have you covered.

    We all know that feeling of stepping off the plane into scorching heat, let’s be honest, there’s no better feeling really! But this probably means prior to this, you’ve spent a good few hours sat on a plane – one of your skins worst enemies.


    The low humidity of the plane really dehydrates your skin – this also applies to air conditioned places like your hotel room or restaurant. Most moisturisers just create a smooth barrier and only moisturise the outer layer so if you want your skin feeling refreshed and replenished all the way through your flight you need to use CULT51 Day Cream, so the cream can really dig deep into the layers of your skin. The product works to keep your skin moist as it contains a humectant – in non-scientific terms and means a molecule that retains moisture!   In fact our cream has been clinically tested and shows that after 12 hours from application, the average hydration increase is 117% and the cream continues to build on this.

    These rules also apply when you’re spending the day in the sun. The sun can really dry out your skin if you don’t protect it properly, especially if you’re jumping in and out of air conditioned areas. This is due to something called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). It’s basically dangerous oxygen molecules that are generated through UV rays which attack stable skin cells and diminish collagen, elastin and lessen the effectiveness of your skin’s rejuvenation – the reasons why sunbathing causes wrinkles!  This also reduces the pool of antioxidants our skin relies on to fight this.

    model applying creamRegular use of CULT51 products can help here, as they work with your skin's own metabolism to help enhance, protect and replenish the skin's layers and reserves.  Our Day Cream works to quench these and reduce excessive ROS in 30 minutes and of course, dramatically reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

    We recommend using the CULT51 Day Cream every day and then applying an extra layer of your favourite sun cream on top for added SPF protection.

    After a tough day of sunbathing, use your Day Cream again after your shower.   It will leave a nude effect, perfect as a base to your makeup before heading out to enjoy your evening.   Then, end your day with CULT51 Night Cream and your skin will keep looking luminous and better than when you left!

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