So how exactly does our Night Cream help to eliminate skin pigmentation issues?

You’ve all read the recent Daily Mail article (and in a few more papers) showing the amazing transformation of Harriet Metzger - who struggled with sun damage to her face - and now you are wondering how, exactly, can this cream help?

Let us first clarify the effect the sun has on our skin. Simply put, the UV rays attack our skin cells, reducing collagen, elasticity and creating oxygen – a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). With increased exposure to the sun, the oxygen levels increase to dangerous levels, damaging the cells. Visually our skin pigmentation then alters, darkening to show the damaged cells, leaving behind what we know as ‘age spots.’

As the article explains, Harriet had tried many creams and some pretty evasive treatments in an attempt to diminish the pigmentation, all with no success. So, what is it about Cult51 that gave her the results she craved in just a staggering 6 weeks?

Cult51 products work with your skin’s own metabolism to help enhance, protect and replenish the skin's layers and reserves.  Our Night Cream works to quench these, and reduce excessive ROS whilst you get your beauty sleep. With regular use, new cell production will increase, and begin to invigorate, revitalize and even the skin tone so that people like Harriet, can fall in love with their skin and looks again.

Her images speak for themselves...

Night Cream works wonders

With 51 clinically proven benefits there are plenty of other great reasons to try the Night Cream including reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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