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Cult51 Night Cream is a revolutionary development in anti-ageing skincare that is clinically proven to deliver on multiple anti-ageing benefits, including a 52% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in just 28 days. It reactivates the skin’ living tissue, increasing new skin cell production by up to 25% which results in brighter, smoother skin, and at the same time increasing skin hydration by 112% in 12 hours.
Skin cells renewal plays an important role in helping your skin to look fresh, firm and wrinkle free. However, as we age, our metabolism slows down, and the energy in our skin cells declines, which can lead to skin looking tired and dull. Cult51 Night Cream contains a powerful energy booster that helps recharge your skin with youthful energy. It stimulates the respiratory metabolism in skin cells, increasing the skin’s oxygen take up, and helping your skin to recover its energy potential.
You can expect to see a difference in the luminosity and evenness of your skin tone from the very first application.

Discover our timeline below to see what you can expect from our night cream in the first 6 weeks of use.

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Skin is 99% firmer and appears

more lifted

model with firmer skin after using Night Cream


Skin is 99% firmer and appears

more lifted


Your skin is still 117% more 

hydrated than before the application

Hydrated skin once applied night cream


Wrinkles are reduced by 27%

Wrinkles appearanced is reduced from Night Cream


Wrinkles are reduced by 27%


Your skin is now 131% firmer

Cult51 Night Cream firms skin by 131%


You will have achieved the same

radiant results as professional

laser treatment

Clear youthful complexion


You will have achieved the same

radiant results as professional

laser treatment


Fine lines and wrinkles are now

reduced by 41%

After 6 weeks wrinkles are 41% reduced


Your skin is now 148% firmer

148% firmer skin after 6 weeks of using night Cream


Your skin is now 148% firmer


Your complexion is now more

radiant than if you underwent 

professional laser treatment

Radient, Smooth skin - Night Cream


Laser treatments are one way to improve the luminosity of your skin. But you might be surprised to discover that over six weeks, our Night Cream can get you better results. After six weeks of laser treatment, you might expect your skin to be 7-8% more luminous. Whereas independent clinical trials prove that Cult51 improves skin luminosity by an average of 10% over six weeks. It produces these results through a super-potent combination of active ingredients that brighten skin, increase blood flow and oxygen uptake, and create firmer, smoother skin.

The active ingredients that achieve this exceptional effect include an extract of liquorice root, pomegranate oil, and Vitamin C. They work together to give your skin a naturally radiant glow. Liquorice root extract has been used to treat skin ailments in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. All these natural ingredients will gently lighten your skin tone, helping to make age spots and brown patches a thing in the past.


We love to see your amazing results. 

If you're new to Cult51 Night Cream, please take a before photo and a second photo after 2 weeks. There is nothing like picture proof to see your own personal improvements, and we would love you to share your results with us too!


A few of our most powerful actives

Active Ingredient - Japanese Seaweed Extract replenishes skin cells

Japanese Seaweed Extract


Increases the production of new skin cells, thus delivering you younger healthier skin.

Improves epidermal oxygen intake and regenerates cell energy, which helps your skin repair itself faster.

Promotes the levels of hyaluronic acid in your skin and maintains your skin's natural hydration balance.

Protects your skin from UV-rays and environmental pollution.

Calms inflammation and reduces puffiness.

Yeast Extract


Dramatically increases ATP levels in the skin; ATP is a molecule that transports energy and oxygen between all the cells in your body.

Stimulates cellular metabolism, speeding up your skin's natural renewal processes.

Recovers energy potential, physically improving your skin's ability to restore itself.

Significantly increases your skin's oxygen uptake which revitalises skin cells, plumps, and delivers a radiant complexion.

Yeast Extract - Active ingredient in Cult51 Night Cream
Pomegranate Oil - Active ingredient used in Cult51 Night Cream

Pomegranate Oil


Promotes the production of collagen and slows the formation of wrinkles.

Helps your skin retain moisture, improving the condition of dry, cracked or irrorated skin.

Improves circulation, allowing vital nutrients to be delivered which prevents premature ageing.

Reduces melanin content to promote an even and radiant complexion.

Noix de Grenoble Walnut


Protects against UV-inducted cell destruction.

Helps preserve skin's health, thus preventing signs of ageing.

Increases cellular energy, helping your skin cells renew at a faster rate.

Provides your skin with all the nutrients required to maintain its barrier function.

Walnut Extract - Active ingredient to help preserve skins health


Apply Cult51 Night Cream to freshly cleansed skin in the evening. Use your fingertips to gently apply a pea-sized amount onto face, neck and eye contour. 

Avoid tear duct. Use sparingly. It is a rich and highly concentrated Night Cream.

You do not need to apply additional serums or eye creams.

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