While there are many side effects that come with menopause – from hot flushes to sleep disturbances – some of the most obvious ones are present on the skin. As we move into perimenopause – the first stage of menopause - oestrogen levels begin to fluctuate, leading to hormonal breakouts, most commonly along with the chin and jawline. 

Throughout menopause, you may also notice that your skin feels dryer due to the slowing down of oil production; your skin becomes more dehydrated as it loses its ability to retain water; your face begins to droop as collagen production decreases (it can drop by 30% in the first five years); your skin becomes more sensitive and pigmented, and you experience an increase in male-pattern hair growth on areas of the face. 


So, What can you do to remedy the effects of Menopause on your skin?

1. Hydrate – Your skin simply needs water to keep it plump and firm. In fact, your skin is usually the first place that shows signs of dehydration. Since menopause naturally makes the skin drier and itchier, drinking water can help reverse or lessen this effect!

2. Avoid hot showers - Hot showers strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it parched. Instead, start taking showers that are only slightly hotter than lukewarm for an improved complexion, and for healthier hair too.

3. Wear a high-factor sunscreen every day - Skin produces less melanin when oestrogen levels drop, so it’s more vulnerable to sun damage. Wearing sun cream with a high SPF (30 or 50+) can help to prevent damage to the skin, which delays signs of ageing.

4. Use a mild, soap-free cleanser - As dryness and sensitivity of the skin increases, opting for a gentle and hydrating cleansing balm will make all the difference. You just need a facial wash that will remove the dirt, sweat, sun cream and makeup so that your skin can breathe at night.


5. Include a serum in your daily skincare routine - Designed to deliver ingredients into the skin faster than a moisturiser, serums are saviours for menopausal skin. During menopause, the skin’s barrier weakens, so applying a serum can provide it with the nutrition it needs to support itself. Our Cult51 Immediate Effect Serum is ideal for ageing skin and is clinically proven to increase hydration by an average of 141% in 12 hours.

6. Hydrate your skin - During and after menopause, your oil glands aren't as active, so skin can often dry out. That’s why it is essential you keep it hydrated, not only by drinking water but also directly onto the skin. Our Night Cream is deeply hydrating, which keeps your skin supple and plump. Furthermore, our Night Cream also helps combat other signs of ageing due to its rich antioxidant, active ingredients and Vitamin C content.

7. Eat well - Eating essential fatty acids is crucial to keep your skin’s natural barrier intact – a key factor in retaining skin moisture. One of the best fatty acids is Omega 3s which can be found in salmon, walnuts, fortified eggs, algae oils, flax, safflower oil, and sardines. 

You will also want to ensure that you are consuming enough antioxidants, as this help protect your skin and preserve its health. All fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants, but some of the best sources are blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, artichokes and raspberries. As well as changing your skincare routine to fit your needs during menopause, ensure you’re managing your stress levels, by taking time to relax and of course maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. 

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