1. MEET OUR FOUNDERS - Richard


    With Father's Day this weekend, we thought we would catch up with our very own Richard Mears.  He founded CULT51 back in 2013 and is the genius behind the formulas that work their magic on our skin. Here we find out so much more from the Welshman, his passion for rugby and his family.

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  2. MEET OUR FOUNDERS - Michelle

    MEET OUR FOUNDERS - Michelle

    Cult51 is a husband and wife team Richard and Michelle Mears. Richard is the skincare chemist whilst Michelle brings the style and marketing to our much loved brand. Here we catch up with the mum of three, gym obsessed and style queen to find out more, as well as busting a few myths and share her secret tips.

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  3. Have You Been Applying Serum Wrong? Probably....

    Have You Been Applying Serum Wrong? Probably....

    When do you apply serum to your skin? Before your moisturiser or day cream or as the last step of your skincare routine right before your make-up?

    We’re willing to bet that you are one of the majority who have been tricked by the beauty myth and are getting this one WRONG!

    Because, contrary to popular belief, applying serum before your Day/Night Cream is going to make i

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