You’ve probably heard that Immediate Effect Serum was created for an A-List Celebrity who needed to look red carpet ready in just 15 minutes. But as a mere mortal – who doesn’t hit the red carpet too many times in an average week - you may be wondering why you need it in your life. These are 5 times when you’ll be saying a hearty Hoorah! that you discovered Immediate Effect Serum.



Time was, you could pull on some ratty old leggings and a faded tee and you’d be good to go for your workout. But thanks to the rise of gym selfies and even gym dating you’re now expected to look your best on the treadmill. Trouble is, wearing make-up to work-out seriously clogs up your pores and can also trap sweat against the skin, worsening any dry areas. Instead, cleanse your skin before your workout and apply Instant Effects Serum 15 minutes before you hit the gym to mask those fine lines and keep your skin hydrated and protected while you feel the burn. Add a tinted lip balm and a slick of Instant Effects brow gel and you’ll have the natural workout look nailed.

Before You Step Off The Plane

It’s no surprise that dry cabin air and travel stress can wreak havoc on your skin. But even just being at high altitude can result in a dull complexion, due to reduced blood-flow to the skin. Fight back by applying CULT51 Night Cream before you take off, drinking LOTS of water on the plane, stretching your legs when you can and applying Immediate Effects around an hour before you touch down. While you search for your hand luggage the super charged serum will be working hard for you, smoothing skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firming, brightening, lifting and fortifying your skin. Happy holidays!



Alcohol drains the skin of moisture and vital nutrients, leaving it taut and lacking brightness. While drinking in moderation and taking on board lots of water throughout the evening is clearly the ideal solution, if that ship has sailed, there are things you can do to ensure your hangover isn’t written all over your face. Light exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and increase circulation, jump starting your complexion. Then apply Immediate Effects Serum for an instant lift. Not only will it disguise those tired eyes, but it will also fight signs of wrinkles in the delicate eye area. Bet you’re feeling better already!

When You’re a New Mum

Fluctuating hormones, sleepless nights and a serious lack of time for any kind of beauty regime can leave you feeling less than radiant in those first few months. Immediate Effects Serum has a dramatic effect on dark circles, bags and deep set lines. You’ll notice a brighter skin tone and an improvement in texture in just 15 minutes, however, full effects can take up to an hour. Best of all, it has a cumulative effect, so the benefits build up with time. Apply as a pick me up before meeting up with your new mum friends at baby yoga or keep it in your changing bag for an emergency pick me up on the go.



Hot date? Big night out? Lessen the visibility of deep set lines, dark circles, bags and wrinkles while lifting, firming and enhancing elasticity. Use as a primer before you apply your make-up and you’ll find that this  lightweight treatment is readily absorbed, minimises the appearance of pores and lines and creates a perfect canvas so you’ll need less make-up and what you do wear will last for longer. You’re welcome!


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