Do brown spots and blotchy skin make you look older than you actually are? Fret not! Find out what causes hyperpigmentation, what you can do to get rid of age spots and discover the best ways to prevent them. It’s time to make way for your best skin yet…


Hyperpigmentation is the word used to describe areas of uneven pigmentation in the skin. It often appears as dark patches or spots that make your skin look uneven. These spots are known as age, liver or sun spots and can appear on any part of the body that is regularly exposed to the sun. Hyperpigmentation is also at the heart of skin conditions such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

As mentioned above, age, liver or sun spots are caused by exposure to the sun.

Melasma, characterised by larger patches of hyperpigmentation, is most common in women and is often triggered by changes in hormone levels.

This condition is often found among acne sufferers and occurs when a skin injury heals and leaves an area of discolouration behind.


If you’re suffering from any kind of pigmentation, it’s really important to use products with ingredients that can help brighten the skin and to use them regularly. Building a routine and sticking to it is key.

As part of that routine, we highly recommend the use of CULT51 Night Cream. It has been clinically tested & proven to significantly reduce the appearance of age spots in just 2 weeks. Not only that, it also works to prevent their reappearance.

CULT51 Night Cream works in harmony with your skin to help enhance, protect and nourish the skin. With continued use, it is capapble of evening skin tone, reducing the appearance of imperfections, and protecting against environmental damage. 

A great example, of how our Night Cream works is Harriet Metzger who struggled with sun damage to her face. Harriet had tried many creams and treatments to get rid of the pigmentation on her face with no success. CULT51 Night Cream gave her the results she wanted in just 6 weeks.


In your quest to protect your skin against dark spots and pigmentation, SPF is your best friend. It’s important to remember that UVA and UVB rays affect your skin even on cloudy days therefore it’s vital you give your skin the daily protection it needs.

Limiting your exposure to the sun will also help to reduce hyperpigmentation. It’s best to keep out of direct sunlight between 10am and 4pm which is when UV rays are at their strongest. If that is not possible, sit under an umbrella, in the shade or shade your face and scalp with a stylish hat.

Though skin pigmentation can be a natural side effect of ageing, paying careful attention and taking good care of your skin can limit age spots from appearing, giving you a more even, radiant complexion.


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