The well-respected, The Beauty Bible, recently announced their annual Beauty Bible Awards, which are THE biggest independent awards, tested by real women to give you real results and the products you really must-have. Well, we've only gone and won an award! Our Day Cream was presented with Bronze in their Miracle Treatment category.

"Every single product here was trialled by 10 real women, in real life, in some cases over the months required to observe improvements. With anti-ageing products which set out to deliver real results, we asked testers to try them on one half of the body/face, to observe improvements. (And yes, our testers take this so seriously, they really do that!)"  The Beauty Bible.

Up against some serious competition, the search for Miracle Treatment sought to find the products that make a 'massive difference to the skin, tackling lines and wrinkles, crêpiness and sagging.'

We are proud to showcase their logo on our Day Cream.


Here's what they had to say: From a brand which does indeed live up to the 'cult' status of its name – Cult 51 claims to offer 'Revolutionary 3D Skincare' – this is a very high-tech formulation which promises no less than 40 anti-ageing benefits. (We're not going to list them here. We're just not. Simply look at what our testers experienced, below!) What we will tell you about is that it's a real multi-purpose, skin-plumping moisturiser and make-up primer, which also features an SPF15 for light daily protection. And as for those comments below show, it puts on an impressive performance. (Interestingly, Cult 51 advise applying sparingly – if you overdo it, the product 'rolls' off, making it easy to figure out the correct dosage.)

The tester's comments were just as gushing:

‘The glass jar looks luxurious and a sweet little acrylic scoop is provided to scoop out the product hygienically; it really controls the amount you need – a lovely addition. The cream is rich but light and a little goes a long way, gliding on effortlessly. It definitely added a healthy plumpness, spring and glow to my face. After two weeks, I truly believe the lines on my forehead, including my frown lines, have softened and the crepiness around my eyes doesn't seem to reach so far. It acts as the most wonderful primer; make-up really doesn't glide on over it and doesn't collect in wrinkles, which it has with other day creams. The brand says that you can witness remarkable results for yourself in two weeks and I can’t argue with that. The wonderful feeling of moisture and squidgy skin seems to last all through the day’

‘Seeing is believing the ‘oooh that was the best night’s sleep’ look and feeling on my face. It is hard to resist stroking my cheeks as they feel so soft and smooth, the weathered look on my red cheeks and chin has hugely diminished. I can’t ladle enough praise on this gorgeous fabulous game changing deliciousness for the results it has given’

‘I came to love this product, which made my skin softer, brighter, with more even skin tone. Fine lines looked smoother, particularly around my eyes, and crepiness reduced. I loved this cream, particularly the silky texture, and would buy it myself. I particularly liked the fact it absorbed very quickly so I could apply make-up quickly if I was going out; this sat well and lasted, and skin looked hydrated without any greasy residue. It seems to make my make-up look more “defined”’

‘My skin seemed plumper, healthier looking, and feels so soft. I got very odd looks at the supermarket checkout as I became aware I'd been stroking my face constantly whilst waiting in the queue! My fine wrinkles are subtly softer, reduced, my big frown line softened, dark circles banished and broken veins fewer. I do look healthy and young, and at a time of life when I could look the opposite. By the end of the test period, my skin is ultimately brighter and skin tone/redness evened out.’

In the Beauty Bible's own advice "Nobody ever, ever dare tell us that 'miracle' treatments don't exist ... One of the reasons women DON'T see results, often, is because they're chopping and changing all the time. So: try these. Stick with them." You know, when you find something that good, you won't want to change either.


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