Spending lots of time messing about with lots of skincare products is pretty low down on the average man's priority list. So we asked Male Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger CJ to share his tips on what men really do (and don't) need when it comes to their skin. 


I receive lots of messages from guys who have skincare issues or have begun to notice the first signs of ageing and aren’t sure where to start with looking after themselves.  They are often concerned that it will be time consuming and complicated, as they have seen the many lotions and potions that a partner or female family member has.

Looking after your skin can be simple and doesn’t need to be time consuming.  Regardless of your skin type there are a few basic guidelines to ensure a healthy skin and well groomed appearance.

The most important part of any routine is to ensure you cleanse your skin thoroughly twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening before bed.

The reasons for this are quite simple, at night your skin is repairing and flushing out toxins from the skin, which needs to be removed in the morning; and during the day dirt and pollution in the atmosphere are attacking your skin, so by cleansing at night it ensures all of this is removed, allowing your skin to repair and so the cycle starts again.

The next essential is a moisturiser, this gives your skin hydration and allows the skin to function better and protect itself.


Imagine not having anything to eat or drink during the day: you end up feeling tired and you don’t function to the best of your ability, well this is the same with your skin.  The best advice I can give when choosing a moisturiser is choose one that feels good on your skin and that you enjoy using - as if you like using it you are going to look forward to doing it.

When choosing your cleanser and moisturiser, try and pick one that doesn’t contain filler ingredients like paraben or sls, as these can cause skin irritations and could deter you from carrying on a skincare routine.

The main thing to remember is to cleanse & moisturise twice a day, which will take you literally five minutes if that.  Of course once you are comfortable with this routine there are other steps that you can introduce and make it a little more of an extensive routine or keep it simple and stick with what works, it’s entirely up to you.

CJ is a male beauty blogger who is frequently invited to share his wisdom in magazines and online. 

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