Cult51 is a husband and wife team Richard and Michelle Mears. Richard is the skincare chemist whilst Michelle brings the style and marketing to our much loved brand. Here we catch up with the mum of three, gym obsessed and style queen to find out more, as well as busting a few myths and share her secret tips.

Tell us a little about your life before Cult51?

My background is marketing within the hair and beauty industry working for the publishing house, Reed International, for their key trade titles, before moving into product marketing as a brand manager on hair and skincare brands.

What do you love about Cult51?  

I love the simplicity that CULT allows in my routine, I have three young children and run a business and therefore my time is really precious.

CULT gives me all the actives in one jar, which means I can get in to bed in the evenings, or out the door, that bit faster.

How does it feel to have inspired the famous scent used throughout the range?

Hehe, It isn’t actually my favourite fragrance, it is Richard’s. He loves the gardenia plant and he worked really hard with the perfumers to find something with the exact notes he wanted.

What’s your beauty tip for using just one of the products.  

Don’t over apply. Night Cream is really thick and luxurious and a little goes a really long way. If you over apply, it just peels, which is not a good look, a waste of product and it is your skins way of telling you, it doesn’t need it.

We know you ran the London Marathon earlier this year, what did you learn from doing this?  


The biggest challenge was my mindset. If you think you can, you will.  If you think you can’t, you won’t.

I loved and hated the training all at the same time, some runs were better than others, but those endorphins make it all worthwhile on the day.

I also learnt that it was hard for my husband as the training is a huge time commitment and strain on the family and isn’t to be underestimated. When you are doing long runs towards the end, these are 3 - 4 hours out of the day, plus when you get back, you don’t have a great deal of energy to get involved with the kids.

What’s your typical day like?  

Ha! There is no typical day as we have three young children but they are all off to school or with nanny by 8.30 so this is when the day typically starts.

I’m either in the office or in London for meetings. I try to get to the gym either before work or at lunchtime two days during the week and at least once at the weekend.

The day usually finishes around 4pm due to children’s activities and commitments. It is really difficult to find that work life balance. I don’t think anyone feels they have it quite right. At times when things are stressful, I often fire-up my laptop once the children are in bed, but it’s important I find some time for Richard and I.

What do you like to do on a day off? 

My perfect day off is to visit the gym early and then go out with my family for a walk or some sort of outdoor play somewhere (burn some energy) and then a pub dinner complete with wine of course!

What’s your favourite piece from your wardrobe?


Hmmm, this is tricky as I buy a lot of clothes, which is a bit of an issue. Although, I am quite good at selling items on.

My first Chanel bag is something I will always treasure, it’s a mini flap bag and something I will hand down to my daughters. Clothing wise I have a beautiful khaki green Celine biker, which I lusted after for a long time, it was very expensive but I saved up so I could justify it.

Quick Fire Round

Day Cream v Night Cream?   Night Cream - it is our hero products, it has more actives, has amazing effects and feels glorious and relaxing the last thing at night.

Last good read This is how it always is by Laurie Frankel.

Can’t live without … Immediate Effect Serum - i sleep on my front so wake up with puffy eyes every morning, it is amazing. I have tried other expensive brands but swear by ours. It is really underrated. I also can’t live without my Chanel boy bag, which was a gift from my husband.

Favourite tipple is French Rose, ideally a Sancerre.

Celebrity Crush  I have too many, Tom Hardy and I quite enjoyed Zac Efron in the Greatest Showman (but I am probably too old to say that). Hugh Jackman,    David Beckham gets better with age as does Leonardo Dicaprio…. shall I stop?!

Best holiday spot  St Lucia is gorgeous but a long way. Mallorca is wonderful - if I could ever afford it, this is where I would like a holiday home.

Best box set?  I can’t just say one: House of Cards, Billions, Peaky Blinders, The Missing, Taboo, Big Little Lies.