With Father's Day this weekend, we thought we would catch up with our very own Richard Mears.  He founded CULT51 back in 2013 and is the genius behind the formulas that work their magic on our skin. Here we find out so much more from the Welshman, his passion for rugby and his family.


Tell us a little about your life before CULT51?

I have been in the industry in both ingredient supply and then in production and formulation for longer than I care to remember.  Originally, I trained as a construction engineer and then like most things, events took over and led me to where I am now. 

What are you most proud of about CULT51?

So many things but mostly that I created a single-use facial product that does everything the skin needs. There is nothing about your skin that does not improve with its use.

Secondly, would be our clinical results to back it all up.

Lastly; CULT51 was never supposed to be a business it was merely a personal challenge someone told me it couldn’t be done, and I like a challenge!  Two years later I made 200 jars thinking that it would take another 2-years to sell them, and that would be that. Little did I know what an impact it would make.

Who has shaped you as a man/father?  What do you hope for your own sons?

Wow, difficult question.

The man that most changed my life is simple, his name was John Gwynne, the father of my first proper girlfriend now sadly passed away. I grew up in social housing and was destined for a life of “it’s not my fault it’s where and how I grew up.” I had no idea, or perception of the fact that if, where you want to be, or what you want to achieve, is actually within your own grasp! He showed me that this was possible. How he had studied long and hard to be an industrial chemist, how he had fixed motorbikes in his living room and weekends to fund his education etc. I owe him a very great deal.

As for my own sons, I want them to be happy! Yes, be successful at what they want to do and yes be independent strong-minded focussed etc. but mostly, to be happy.

With the UK Male Grooming Market worth an estimated over £600m and growing; for those gents out there, that still haven’t tried a skincare product, what would you tell them to get them to up their personal care game?

I feel that the younger generations are already knowledgeable and comfortable with skincare. They know what they like and what they are looking for. The older generation is maybe somewhat more reticent. They use whatever is in the shower, females are still responsible for around 60% of the purchases of male grooming! As CULT51 works with the skins metabolism, it doesn’t matter whether you are male/female, Asian/Caucasian/Afro Caribbean/Hispanic, Oily/T-Zone/Dry. 20/30/40/50/60; it will work.

The biggest single complaint I have on CULT51 is that the male partner is using (stealing it) and runs out very much more quickly. As such, I have to arrange delivery to the office or another location where the delivery can be secured and then hidden in the home! I think it brought about my men’s insecurity. The most common comment you get when using CULT51 is “You look well”. Even male partners notice within 4 days. So, he sees his partner looking good and then immediately thinks what’s going on? He then starts to use. As such men now account for around 25% of all our purchasers.

There is nothing unmanly about using products, nor in having a desire to be and look your best! CULT51 besides giving great and younger skin also helps with your confidence.

We know Rugby is a huge passion for you, tell us more about who you follow and what you love so much about this sport over another.  

Well, I am Welsh and so it is pre-programmed, right?  Besides Wales and the Scarlets, I have huge admiration for Exeter and Saracens in what they are achieving. The sport for me is both a huge leveller and a great example to kids.

It doesn’t matter who you are you can play and there is a position for you. As it is a late development sport you are never pigeon-holed in the youth system. You learn most positions; you learn first and foremost, how to play the game and skills development. If you train, you play! My eldest son started playing football and he attended months of training, however, was not as good as his teammates and so was never selected to play. Then one week he got a selection as several players were unavailable. He was over the moon, only to be devastated on the Friday before the match to be told they found someone else who had never been to training but was considered better than him! This never happens in rugby.

Also, within the game from the mini’s all the way to senior, you call the ref “Sir” any answering back or silly talk to the ref is a penalty and continued means being marched back 10m and possible yellow card. This teaches respect.

I still play (ripe old age of 54) for Haslemere Vets as Captain with whom reached Surrey finals this year. I also play 7’s, I am one of the coaches for the Haslemere 1st Team and am Head Coach of my sons U10’s.

If you weren’t a chemist, what would you have been? 

When I was very young, I wanted to be a fighter pilot! However, once I got into my teens, I had no idea what I wanted to be. I happened upon beauty out of sheer luck an industry with which I have fallen in love with.

We’ve seen you travel the world for Cult, where’s been your favourite place and why?

How can I pick one country? If I did, I may upset many more! When I travel, I love to find out more about the locality and always trying new foods etc. I usually say to whomever I am meeting locally, to choose the best local dish and have never been disappointed.

What do you like to do on a day off?

Day off? What’s that? Family things, just normal every day some may say boring things, but family is the most important thing for us all. They are the ones who will be there thick and thin good times and bad and are your motivation and support.


Most used emoji on your phone: Laughing emoji as I like jokes

Most used app on your phone: Maps & Uber

Favourite mantra to live by: If you're going to do it, then do it! If not stop talking about it."

Favourite Cult51 product: Night Cream

Can't live without: My computer & wine

Favourite drink: Wine, preferably Sancerre

Celebrity Crush: Isler Fisher

Dream holiday destination: Caribbean

Favourite film: Devil wears Prada