Men have thicker skin than women. It’s not a sweeping generalisation about guys' ability to take criticism. It’s a fact. Men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s and as a rule it is also more oily, but does that mean it needs different skincare? No it doesn’t.

“Men’s skincare is often created from women’s skin care with added astringents,” explains CULT51 founder Richard Mears. “Add a more masculine scent, more manly packaging and a carefully targeted marketing campaign and you have a male grooming product.” So can a unisex moisturiser cater for men’s skin too? Of course it can - if it gives it the antioxidants and the hydration that the skin needs. If the skin is oily, it’s due to producing too much sebum. So applying a product that is going to dry it out (which is what astringents do) is counter-productive because it will upset the balance and the skin will naturally produce more sebum to compensate.

By focusing on the intra cellular layer (the stratum germinativum if you want to get technical!), a high-quality multi-tasking moisturiser is going to sort the cause. Your skin’s in-built management takes over and you have a longer term solution – whether you are male or female.




Healthy skin needs plenty of hydration both outside and in.

A Healthy Diet

Nuts and seeds, particularly walnuts, are perfect skin foods or discover the other super foods for super skin here.


A Cleanser (no, that doesn’t mean soap!)

You wash your clothes to remove the dirt and pollution that gets built up during the day and the same goes for your skin.

A Multi-Tasking Moisturiser:

Choose one with high quality ingredients that is going to have a long term lasting effect (prevention is better than cure); protect against photo ageing; dramatically hydrate and energise the skin.



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