With the exciting new launch of our latest product set, our Rose Quartz Roller Kit, we thought we would shed a little light on the latest craze captivating the skincare world; facial massage tools.   The at-home facial tools have actually been around for years, with Jade rollers dating back to ancient Chinese remedies, but Rose Quartz is stronger and with transfers minerals of calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen to help fight the signs of ageing.

You have probably seen every skincare blogger there is going using one of these tools, and if you haven’t had the chance to try one yourself, you’ve probably wondered what on Earth they were good for and whether they actually do anything to improve your skin. Well, Cult51 is here to vouch for them our founder Michelle, is a hugely dedicated fan. Facial rollers and Gua Sha tools haven’t become so popular just by chance; there are numerous benefits to introducing one or both of these into your skincare routine.



Our lymphatic system is responsible for helping our body rid itself of toxins, waste, and other unwanted substances. Its main job is to transport lymph, a fluid containing white blood cells which fight infections, around the body. Using a facial roller assists the flow of the lymph system and improves lymphatic drainage, allowing excess fluid to drain from your skin, in turn reducing puffiness and inflammation.

TOP TIP: Keep your facial roller and Gua Sha in the fridge. The coldness will further aid lymphatic drainage and calm puffy skin, especially first thing in the morning.


Facial rollers and Gua Sha tools can be used to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. When used, they help to stimulate the production of collagen, which is vital for plumping skin and reducing fine lines.



Primarily caused by blockages and tension preventing fluids from flowing as best they can, under-eye circles are improved with the use of a facial tool. The smaller roller, for example, is designed for use around your eyes and, when used, it assists the movement of these blockages, bringing fresh fluid and oxygenated blood to the area and lightening dark circles.

TOP TIP: It’s important to remember that the skin under your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face, and is therefore extremely delicate. Remember to be gentle on this area when using your roller or Gua Sha, and if you are needing an extra helping hand under your eyes, try a touch of our Eye Repair.


Introducing a facial tool into your daily skincare routine can actually help you get more out of your skincare products. With the light pressure that you apply to your skin with a facial roller or Gua Sha, products are able to penetrate the skin, allowing the layers below the surface to absorb the product and benefit from it.




Liberally apply your favourite serum, face oil or moisturiser to freshly cleansed skin. Gently glide the Rose Quartz Roller from the centre of the face out to the side and down the neck. Work your way up the neck and face and then back down. Return to areas where there is any superficial facial tension such as the jaw. 

To get the most from the Gua Sha tool, use a small amount of serum or facial oil on the face. Using the smooth surface of the tool, glide it across the skin working from the centre of the face towards the hairline.

TOP TIP: Your neck and décolleté area shows your age, and many people forget to include these areas in their skincare routine. Use our Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream here, and work it in with your facial roller to give this area the extra TLC it needs.


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