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Spring is finally here, gracing us with its brilliant sunshine and warmer weather.  Not only does the new season inspire growth, renewal, and change in nature, but also in us and in our skin's condition. The change in weather affects our skin, thus we need to review our skincare regime and change it accordingly, just as you would transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. 

To help you prepare your skin for the new season, and help you on your way to dewy, radiant, spring-early skin, we've put together few steps to rethink your skincare routine and experience your best skin yet!

1. Spring clean your skincare shelf.

Spring cleaning means out with the old, starting with the products sitting at the back of your bathroom shelf. It's time to bin those cloudy toners, half-empty pots, and out-of-date moisturisers, and make way for some brand new goodies for your skin to indulge in.

It is important to ensure your skincare essentials are always fresh and within date. With that in mind please make sure you've got all the right tools at hand and familiarise yourself with your local recycling guidelines and what materials can be recycled. If you come across any unopened products, consider donating to those struggling with hygiene poverty. 'Beauty Banks' is the skincare equivalent to food banks, and you can post unwanted products or drop them off at one of their collection points. 

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2. Protect yourself with SPF.

Never underestimate the damage caused by harmful UV-rays and excessive sunlight. Studies show that prolonged exposure to UV-rays can cause skin cells to deteriorate at a much faster rate, damaging the cell's fibers - such as collagen and elastin - that support the skin's structure and gives skin its smooth and youthful appearance.  

To protect your skin from the sun, use good-quality high-SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen shouldn't just be used to reduce your susceptibility to sunburns but also to prevent sun spots, wrinkles and discolouration. You may also choose to accessorize with a flamboyant sunhat that will not only give your outfit a summery flare but also lessens the burden on your sunscreen by providing natural shade.

For optimum protection against premature ageing and the more serious risks of exposure to UV-rays, use sunscreen that is at least SPF15 and offers moisturising or hydrating properties. Use our Cult51 Day Cream with SPF15 along with your choice of sunscreen for added protection against UV-rays and other damaging environmental factors.

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3. Stay Hydrated. 

Although spring may have a more humid atmosphere than the dry air of the colder seasons, it doesn't mean you don't have to hydrate your skin anymore. 

Cells including your skin cells all require a certain amount of water to function properly. Without proper hydration, your skin will become dry, tight, and flaky. Dry skin is prone to wrinkling due to the shrinkage of cells in the top layer of the skin and looks dull, rough, and unhealthy.

Hydrated skin is suppler, plumper, and more resilient, giving you that healthy smooth glow we all crave. The simplest way to keep your skin hydrated is to drink plenty of water throughout the day, however, you can also directly hydrate your skin cells by using products that offer hydration. Discover our Cult51 Immediate Effects Serum which increases your skin's hydration by 141%. Apply daily to keep your skin healthy and to add an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays. 

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4. Focus on antioxidants & plump when it comes to your eye cream.

With brighter, sunnier days, we may be more inclined to squint which may lead to fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. 

To prevent this, use an eye cream that has antioxidants and peptides to help plump fine lines and wrinkles, and to defend your skin against collagen-destroying UVA rays.

Lightweight enough to be used daily, Cult51 Eye Repair can be used on top of serums or under your moisturiser without feeling heavy or causing any discomfort.

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5. Consume the right nutrients. 

It is in Spring when crops begin to grow again, providing us with a colourful array of nutritional foods. Whether it's the berries, the fruits, or the vegetables that you're most excited for this Spring, all of these provide you and your skin with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to function properly. Along with free-range lean meats and wild fish, your meal plan should consist of plenty of brightly coloured vegetables, nutrient-dense leafy greens, cancer-fighting cruciferous veggies,  juicy berries, and nourishing seeds. Select organic produce and grass-fed organic meats as much as possible to avoid pesticide and herbicide exposure.

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6. Drink Spa Water.

As mentioned above, hydrated skin is essential to prevent premature ageing and to ensure it carries out its processes properly. However, there is more you can do to get the most out of the two litres of water you drink daily, for example, why not add cucumber, lemon & mint for hydrating and detoxifying beverages?

Cucumbers are full of antioxidants and are also hydrating, which is essential for soft, supple skin. Mint is also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which makes it anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin, keeping acne at bay. Furthermore, the antioxidants found in Vitamin C are especially in lemon water. They fight damage caused by free radicals, keeping your skin looking fresh, and maintains collagen production which is essential for smoothing out facial lines.

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7. Treat yourself to a professional facial.

One of the most effective ways to directly hydrate your skin is with a relaxing facial. When performed professionally, facials are a great way to achieve an instantly hydrated complexion and to refresh your skin after having spent the last few months locked indoors. So, if your waiting for an excuse to treat yourself to a spa experience with a professional facial treatment, here it is: Getting a facial in the Spring will invigorate and nourish dull post-winter skin, leaving you with a more radiant, healthier and hydrated complexion. 

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8. Use natural makeup.

Your choice of make-up is just as important for the health of your skin as your choice of skincare products. Essentially, most things have an impact on your skin's condition, and that is especially true with what you put on your skin. So, to minimise the damaging effects caused by makeup use, always ensure you are using 'healthy makeup', such as mineral makeup which don't contain parabens or mineral oil. And of course, don't forget to take it off as soon as possible!

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Spring is the best time to shake off your winter skin and turn into an invigorated fresh new you. With all the tips we've suggested, you'll be well on your way to healthier, dewy and more radiant skin. 

Are you ready to blossom and bloom this Spring?

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