Dinner parties are supposed to be the Style of du jour these days, for everyone from trendy 20 somethings, to country living families with 2.4 children getting in on the action. 

At home dining has never been so popular, helped along by the pandemic and closure of the hospitality sector, entertaining at home is on the rise. But unfortunately, slaving in the kitchen over a three-course banquet isn't going to cut it in 2021. Nope. Working from home, disappearing social lives and too much time to surf the net has meant that 'table scaping' is having a moment. 

'Table Scaping' is the decorative arrangement of layering crockery and other objects on a tabletop. Usually consisting of a basic arrangement of place mats, dinner plates and side plates; table scaping adds more depth to the setting by adding interesting napkins, candles, vases, flowers, fruit and just about anything. 


Where to start...

You can create a vision board, search #tablescapes on Insta and hunt down Pinterest boards. These will give you lots of inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. I also follow interior designers as they know what trends are in and how to make colours and patterns work in a way I not have considered, or been brave enough to try.

Step 1:

Choose a colour palette.

This is the foundation of your table and will help you add life to your ideas. You could choose a season, a national date like Easter, colour trends, your personal taste, fashion it or the palette within your home.

Step 2:

Step out of your comfort zone.

You may wish to stay safe the first few times, but as you build in confidence you should push the boundaries and have fun. Think sand, shells, soaps, candles for a beach theme. 

Step 3:


Florals, candles, fruit and other decorative elements can become the main attraction and draw the eye. Flowers are always a crowd-pleaser, but these don't need to be expensive or elaborate, they can be wild posy in tealight holders, to even a hurricane lamp filled with lemons and limes.

Step 4:

Think about the details - fairy lights, hanging foliage, note cards, napkins and decorative ornaments such as mini pumpkins. At Easter, I have a strip of faux grass that I use as a runner and position grass bunnies all over the table. You could use mini Lindt bunnies and placeholders perhaps?

Step 5:

Create a menu to match your theme.

This will give you the evening an experience to remember rather than just another meal. ideas could be based on recreating a holiday vibe such as rich pasta dishes or dum sum. 


Table scaping doesn't have to be expensive; you can create amazing settings from items found in charity shops, seconds, buying off-season and supporting small businesses. I like to buy Easter and Christmas decorations in the weeks after the event and store them for next year. Tk Maxx is also a great place to pick up seasonal items at a fraction of the price.

Support small.

As a small business owner I know first-hand the importance and hard work of growing a brand. As and where I can, I like to buy small and local. I find buying from real people with real stories more rewarding, and I usually get a better service. Often the products are superior quality and I know that mt money is going to make a genuine difference.