1. How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Eye Bags

    How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Eye Bags

    Determined to erase two of the most common skincare concerns – dark circles and puffiness? It’s time to revive tired-looking eyes with our top tips and one skincare must have.

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  2. 3 surprising culprits wreaking havoc on your skin

    3 surprising culprits wreaking havoc on your skin

    While you have your skincare routine and favourite products all sorted, there can be other factors that can easily be changed to your daily life to help your skin glow a little more. 

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  3. All you need to know about our Facial Roller Tools

    All you need to know about our Facial Roller Tools

    With the exciting new launch of our latest product set, our Rose Quartz Roller Kit, we thought we would shed a little light on the latest craze captivating the skincare world; facial massage tools.   The at-home facial tools have actually been around for years, with Jade rollers dating back to ancient Chinese remedies, but Rose Quartz is stronger and with transfers minerals of calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen to help fight the signs of ageing.

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  4. Keeping a Skincare Diary

    Keeping a Skincare Diary

    So, you have found a new skincare product that you just can’t wait to try out, but you don’t know how you are going to test the results. We have all been there; two weeks of using a new product, and you stand in front of the mirror to desperately try and figure out if that “anti-ageing, ultra-hydrating, super-cream” actually did what it said it would on the tin. Well, we've got a tip for you that will help you figure it out. Grab your pen and paper, get your camera in hand, as we talk yo

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  5. Reaching for a change this Autumn

    Reaching for a change this Autumn

    Many see September similarly to the new year.  The return to school is a fresh start and renewed commitment to self-improvement from empowering stationery to keep up with the kids, new diets and fitness regimes as well as the essential new season’s wardrobe.  The change of season not only brings this change in outlook but cooler weather and darker nights, so investing in your skincare now is a perfect time before winter really sets in.  

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  6. 4 benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare

    4 benefits of Vitamin C in your skincare

    It has long been known and proven that Vitamin C is a superhero in the world of skincare, tackling issues such as skin damage, the loss of collagen, and hyperpigmentation. With so many benefits, it is an essential part of our skincare regimes, which is why you will find it in nearly all of our products. So, how is it helping your skin, and why are we so enthusiastic about it? Here’s why…

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  7. The Power of Walnuts

    The Power of Walnuts

    Walnut is probably not something you have paid much attention to when it comes to the ingredients in your skincare, but this little nut can work some serious magic and helps with everything from anti-ageing to tackling dark under-eye circles.  A superfood that is widely known to improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of heart diseases, aid sleep, and keep hormones balanced, but it has many benefits for your skin too.  We thought we would dive a little deeper and let you know what exactly t

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  8. MEET OUR FOUNDERS - Richard


    With Father's Day this weekend, we thought we would catch up with our very own Richard Mears.  He founded CULT51 back in 2013 and is the genius behind the formulas that work their magic on our skin. Here we find out so much more from the Welshman, his passion for rugby and his family.

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  9. All you need to know to be sun savvy

    All you need to know to be sun savvy

    When you feel good on the inside you look good on the outside, conversely if the cold, dark months take their toll on your mood it's going to be written all over your face. Dietitian and well-being consultant Laura Tilt explains how to fight back.

    If you find yourself feeling less than chipper during the cold months rest assured you’re in good company – according to research by YouGov, one in three of us suff

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