"We have never tested a product which has scored so highly across all measurement criteria. This truly is an all-in-one miracle worker."

Danny McCamlie - Director of Princeton Consumer Research


At CULT51 we make bold claims about our luxury skincare. We will only launch a product if it offers exceptional results and is genuinely effective.

To fully substantiate our claims and results, all Cult51 products undergo fully independent clinical trials before launch. These are carried out by Princeton Consumer Research, a leading clinical testing facility with branches in the US and UK. 

The full, in-depth details of our clinical trials and how they are conducted are outlined below. We invite you to explore and compare your own results against the outcome of our trials.



Objective instrumental assessments were carried out using four key mechanisms:

  • Cutometer (lift and firmness)
  • Chromameter (brighteess)
  • Corneometer (hydration)
  • Profilometery (wrinkle measurement)


Full independent clinical testing was carried out by Princeton Clinical Research across a six-week period. All participants were selected by the test centre and were assessed at regular intervals throughout the trial; baseline, fifteen minutes (where claimed), one hour, twelve hours, four weeks and six weeks. Cult51 had no involvement in the trial from start to finish to ensure a fair and unbiased outcome.

The results were measured using various medical instruments and thorough expert visual assessment.

All subjects were advised to discontinue use of any topical lightening products or exfoliating products containing hydroquinone, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxyl acids, salicylic acid, retinol, peptides and vitamin C (including derivatives) at least seven days prior to the study start date and to wash the study site areas using only a simple soap product provided by the test centre.




The test products were labelled by the sponsor in a blinded fashion using labels that provided usage instructions. We sent all test products directly to the clinical facility prior to the start of the study in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices.  


CULT51 Day Cream

CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum

CULT51 Dermaline

CULT51 Night Cream

CULT51 Eye Repair

CULT51 Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream


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