1. Vibrant at any age

    Vibrant at any age

    It all really starts with you…You simply need to believe in yourself and motivate yourself to change things for the better.

    As you grow older you may find that you have new obstacles and challenges to overcome, however, ageing isn’t something to fear or dread…

    After all, you’ll only ever be as old as you feel!
    The key to staying youthful is all in how you approach your daily life, both in your routine and in your mindset. No matter how old (or young) you are it is important to maintain a healthy diet, to moisturise and protect your skin, ensure you get enough sleep and downtime, and to keep fit with regular exercise. Now’s the time to stop making excuses and remember, a little self-care can go a long way.

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  2. Start the New Year with healthy, radiant skin!

    Start the New Year with healthy, radiant skin!

    A healthy new year is a happy new year. So make 2021 your year by focusing on yourself with achievable resolutions to improve your health, fitness and general wellbeing.

    Most New Year’s resolutions – whether they are big or small – tend to be more long-term progresses than instant transformations; so while none of us expect to become a ‘new me’ overnight, the New Year presents itself as the perfect opportunity to begin your transformation into a ‘better me’.

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  3. How Anxiety Affects Your Skin - And What Can You Do About It

    How Anxiety Affects Your Skin - And What Can You Do About It

    With all of the struggles that have faced us this year, many of us are naturally feeling anxious and stressed…and while we all know that these have a negative impact on our mental health, few people realize it can also affect our skin’s health.
    Dr Ahmed from Vogue says, “Feelings of emotional distress lead to the release of a stress hormone (cortisol) which delays healing, disrupts the skin’s natural barrier and affects the immune system, making it less able to defend itself.”

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  4. Before & After Pigmentation - Cult 51

    How To Avoid Pigmentation Caused by Ageing

    It's no secret that Cult 51 products are clinically proven to help with many skin issues. But did you know that there are a number of skin clinics that are actively using Cult51 products as part of their treatments?  One such advocate is Holly Mason, of the Skin Investment Clinic in Farnham, Surrey. This education piece has been kindly provided by Holly and focuses on pigmentation issues that occur during the ageing process.  You can find out more about Holly and the Skin Investment Clinic here. 
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    Nothing betrays a woman’s age quicker than a sagging neck. Nora Ephron once said “Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth”. And, if you ever wondered whether or not you need a neck cream in your life, read on to find out how you can roll back the years on the skin beneath your chin.

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    Do brown spots and blotchy skin make you look older than you actually are? Fret not! Find out what causes hyperpigmentation, what you can do to get rid of age spots and discover the best ways to prevent them. It’s time to make way for your best skin yet…

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  7. How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Eye Bags

    How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles and Eye Bags

    Determined to erase two of the most common skincare concerns – dark circles and puffiness? It’s time to revive tired-looking eyes with our top tips and one skincare must have.

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  8. 3 surprising culprits wreaking havoc on your skin

    3 surprising culprits wreaking havoc on your skin

    While you have your skincare routine and favourite products all sorted, there can be other factors that can easily be changed to your daily life to help your skin glow a little more. 

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  9. Keeping a Skincare Diary

    Keeping a Skincare Diary

    So, you have found a new skincare product that you just can’t wait to try out, but you don’t know how you are going to test the results. We have all been there; two weeks of using a new product, and you stand in front of the mirror to desperately try and figure out if that “anti-ageing, ultra-hydrating, super-cream” actually did what it said it would on the tin. Well, we've got a tip for you that will help you figure it out. Grab your pen and paper, get your camera in hand, as we talk yo

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