Many see September similarly to the new year.  The return to school is a fresh start and renewed commitment to self-improvement from empowering stationery to keep up with the kids, new diets and fitness regimes as well as the essential new season’s wardrobe.  The change of season not only brings this change in outlook but cooler weather and darker nights, so investing in your skincare now is a perfect time before winter really sets in.  

You may have noticed some damage to your skin over summer, maybe discolouration or even a few more wrinkles?  Combined with the cooler, wet weather of autumn causes our skin to tighten in desperate need of hydration.   Then add in the heating, and your skin’s health really starts to suffer and can even feel irritated and suffering breakouts.  Changing your skincare regime in early autumn will repair the damage from summer and get your hydration levels sorted so that your skin texture improves.


Whilst we harp on about our clinical trials and we have the fancy gadgets at our disposal to truly measure all those key factors, we really do recommend you keep a little skin diary and take pictures regularly to see the differences in your skin.  It’s all too easy, when we live with our skin every day, to miss the improvements in your skin so this is a great way to do this.




Summer food and drinks are packed full of water, so continue to seek out hydrating nutrition.   Autumn seasonal treats like butternut squash and pumpkin are rich in beta-carotene which aids cell renewal and collagen production.  Swap your iced latte for a steaming green tea and keep your water intake up over the 2L mark a day.

Our Day Cream is a rich, luxurious cream that easily absorbs into your skin, so you can be ready for makeup within minutes.  Thirst-quenching, but the really great thing about our products is the cumulative effect of using them.

Rich in antioxidants, reducing the levels of damaging free radicals in the skin to help neutralise pollution and protect against environmental damage.



Your lips need plenty of nourishment too!

SPF - just becacuse the sun's not got his hat on does not mean that the harmful UV rays are not reaching your skin. Our Day Cream has SPF15 and should be part of your daily routine, come rain or shine. 

If the summer has really started to ause some more noticable lines around the eyes then you might want to try our Eye Repair or even our Dermaline Concentrate. 

Before covering up your chest with your favourite Hermes scalf, don't forget to nourish your skin with our Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream. You'll thank us come spring!


  1. CULT 51 Anti-Ageing Day Cream 50ml
    Day Cream 50ML
  1. Cult 51 Immediate Effect Serum
    Immediate Effect Serum
  1. Cult 51 Eye Repair Cream
    Eye Repair 15ml